Entry: Some People Do Make Me Smile.... February 10, 2007

One fine Thursday afternoon, I got this chat... 

****            i am so cranky
                 i dunno why
                 i am in such a bad mood
                 and ***** isnt online!!!!!!!!!!

realizingzen   uh oh...

****            so you gotta be my consoling buddy

realizingzen   err..i don't think I am exact of ***** u know...

****            yeah but, you patient enough ar

realizingzen   *puts on his old, wise and patient man look

****            lol!

*the chat above was changed to protect the identity of the persons involved*

Well, I managed to make my friend laugh in spite of her really really depressing Thursday. For me, to make someone laugh, smile, and well, cheering up someone who is feeling well, down, is something that I like to do....

After all, my project is not going as well as I hoped to. The team leader in charge of my team gotten the flu bug, and was given the MC for the whole week. Leaving the team leaderless. And, because of that, I was given the task to lead the team, with the blessing of the team members. Indeed, in the team, I am the one person who could handle the stress, or seems to be able to handle the stress...

One of my juniors commented that a good indicator of the stress level in a project team would be me. If I am no longer laughing and look jaded, then you know the project is in deep shit. And even as one by one, the team members fall to the flu bug  or fever, we still march forward with what resources left with us, in order to complete the project... with me supporting them all the way.

And to my friend who I know will be reading this...

You are welcomed to chat with me if you are feeling down. Just hope that I am not too busy ;) And oh yeah, at the end of the day, we can always lepak at Starbucks over a cup of coffee, bitching about life... hehe


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