Entry: Swimming In The Big Ocean February 7, 2007

Gosh, today's been a revelation for me.

I was reading a friend's blog, following up with the lunch we had with our friend. Indeed, he somehow further summarised another part of our talk. Indeed, our conversation covered so many topics, that sometimes it is hard to keep track what was being said. But.....

when all sides look the same....

My friend, as usual, has summarised it better than me. The scary part is, his summary has more or less explained the reason I left my previous company.

Put it this way, I was doing good in this company, which was of course set up by the Bumis, and dominated by the Bumis. But, I felt wrong. However, I could not point it to anything specific. You know the feeling, there's something wrong, but you just do not know why.

And when the offer came, I just took it without much thinking in my part. Perhaps because the offer was good. But secondly, I am glad that a non Malaysian company sees that I would be a good addition for them.

Anyway, if I stayed on, I will be with the rest of the Bumis. Complacent. Giving out easy contracts to their own cronies. Heck, I heard that they gave a contract (direct negotiation some more) to one company, on the basis to help Bumiputera companies. But, what they did not realise was, few years down, the Bumiputera company resorted to outsource some of their work to an Asian country. The question is, do they really want to help the Bumis or are they helping their own cronies making money at the expense of the deserving Bumis? The sad thing is, they used to have employees who could do the work, but because of that decision, they lost them....

I know, Tun Razak is crying in the Makam Pahlawan right now. I need to correct myself that Tun Razak is not the reason why the Dream Died. He wanted to help, but, he was helping people who are too busy helping themselves.

Unlike them, I choose out. And if more are to do so, perhaps the system could be changed....


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