Entry: Reality Check January 21, 2007

I received an sms from my friend, informing that a friend of ours would like to meet the both of us over lunch. I checked my schedule and changed a few appointments. As I am busy with my disintegrating project, I decided I needed the time out to meet up with my friend.

Meeting him is always a reality check for me. For he is someone I look up to. His name was famous (or rather infamous) in my old school. Then he went on to leave his mark in a Malay boarding school up north in Perak, then in Oxbridge, then in Malaysian politics. He has achieved a lot. He has helped many, myself included. I am thankful for his help, for he has opened up opportunities for me to realise my potential.

Today, four old friends had a nice chat over lunch. They were my seniors when I was in uni. More like my brothers to me. We had our differences. But our friendship kept us together. Even when we were in different camps. We talked about our university life. Then we talked about few people that we know. Then we tried to talk about our life. But in the end, we talked about Malaysian politics.

My friend's been there. And he has experienced a lot. He went against the system, but realised the people who are with him are no different with the people in the system he was trying hard to dismantle. Indeed, of all of my friends, he is the few who could get along with the malay kampung man in Kelantan, and the low key ah pek businessman in Kuala Lumpur.

Indeed today's been a good reflection. Previously I wondered about a person who spoke out a lot lately against the Prime Minister. I later found out the truth, apparently his company lost out in a bid for a project with a GLC. And gathering info from reliable sources, his loss is not due to nepotism, but because his proposal lacks in comparisson with the other competitors. Just because his company was a 100 percent bumiputera company, he thought he should be given the job. He of course refused to acknowlegde that there is always someone better.

It was good that I met up with them today. Our discussion has always been stimulating and intelectual. Not the typical arguments you get to see almost every day. We argue, but we listen to each other. I appreciate the fact that they listened to me even though I was the youngest. Some of my views might lack the maturity, but that's where they come in, to advise me to always look for the relevant information. And they accepted me being part of their clique despite the age.

I do wonder, should I choose to study anywhere else but in the UK, will I be where I am today?

Today has been a good day. Especially to check where I have been, where I am now, and where I will be next.



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