Entry: More Toll... December 19, 2006

Wow, everything seems to go up these days. Everything but my paycheck. And today's the icing on the cake. The Mayor announced that those who drive into the city centre will be charged unless they choose to car pool.

To encourage public transport and car pooling?

These people at the top really do not see how bad the public transport is. And when it breaks, all hell broke loose. And to improve traffic? Hah, there's never been a proper planning.

Let me see, they demolished Bok House Mansion. Obviously to make way for another high rise. Now, this is at Jalan Ampang, which has only 4 lanes, one lane heading to Ampang Park, 3 lanes heading to Dang Wangi. More office space, more traffic, and the roads are not big enough to accommodate.

Not to forget our dear KLCC. I was told that there will be another Tower 3 built between Tower 1 and Mandarin Oriental KL. More office space? And which small access roads all around KLCC? Gosh. KLCC used to be a very good place. I love the park, I love the view, but I guess, under the current CEO, KLCC Holdings prefer the profits.

After all, Suria KLCC does have the most expensive toilet charge in town. RM 2 per entry. The funny thing is, Star Hill's toilets are free and cleaner than KLCC's. But I guess because the average Malaysians love to go to KLCC more, that's why KLCC toilets which used to be the cleanest, deteoriated over time. Hate those Malaysians toilet habits...

And lack of common sense.


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