Entry: One Coffee Date, One YM Chat and the State of Economy December 14, 2006

Was recently approached by two of my friends. Both asked me out for a drink. I did not mind going out with one of them as well, he owes me my DVD, and lives nearby. The other stays at the other part of town, and I was lazy to drive. The modus operandi are the same, let's go out for coffee.

I did go with my friend who returned my DVDs. Then he went on to promote this Sw*ssc*sh, telling me that I'll get 300% returns in 15 months guaranteed. The thing is, there is no guarantee in anything. Even a 10 % return every month. Any good financial consultant would know, the law of averages....

I politely declined his offer.

As for the other, I told her, if it is a good business proposition, then it could be communicated to me via YM. But she told me that I should also meet her other partners, so I could get a better understanding. The moment I read that, I already knew. I just told her, I don't have the time to meet up with her, and I'll call her when I do.

I have yet to call her.

I guess that is why it is harder for me to take girls out for coffee nowadays. Instead of hanging out getting to know each other better, they probably have way too many people using the same excuse to promote network marketing.

Now I beginning to dislike network marketing. One, because so many girls now fear coffee invitations as a possible network marketing pitch. And second, because I did it once, and found it not to my liking. I do not learn much, and basically money is the only motivation. Okay, I lied, at least I learned how to be thick skinned. So, I just made a few bucks and quit.

And I do wonder why network marketing attracted a lot of Malaysians. Fortunately in my current company, I have yet to discover anyone doing network marketing, yet. I guess because we consultants really know how to live within our means.

Yes, living within our means. I guess in Malaysia, that's the problem. Malaysians do not know how to live within their means. That's why we see a lot of people trying to make ends meet in any possible way. And that will also include the stealing and burglary.

However, I do not blame on Malaysians, but circumstances put it this way. Mercer always come up with the reports that living conditions in Malaysia is cheap. I beg to differ with that, as their comparisson used USD  and salary in USD for it. But life for the average Malaysian is not cheap.

The average salary a fresh graduate receive is about RM 2,000. About RM 220 will be set aside for EPF (probably the only savings they could get). A lunch can easily cost RM 5. Malaysians like to say that we are cheaper than Singapore. But, I can tell you, if you know where to go, you can get a fulfiling lunch for only SGD 3. And fresh grads in Singapore can earn at least SGD 2,000.

Houses in Malaysia, also when I compare it overseas, is not cheap either. I once went to an apartment that my friend bought for RM 210,000, and I was disappointed with the condition. But it is to be expected, as Malaysia's property market is speculatively driven. That's why they came up with the concept of sell first, build later. Yes, only in Malaysia. That's why we have so many abandoned projects, the consumers are the ones losing.

It is true that Malaysians pay lower taxes. But I rather pay more tax for some benefit I get to see. In UK, the taxes are aplenty. Council tax, income tax, among others. But you do see that the councils are well maintained, and well, you got the NHS. Slow, but at least, you have that lifeline. In Malaysia, the tax money is used to build a new palace, send a Malaysian to space to do teh tarik, and bailing out companies that have been driven to the ground....

Sad, greed is everything here. Money is everything. And people would do anything, even messing with their own karma to get it. It's a win-lose situation, someone will be in the losing end, and that's when trouble start. 

I guess the latest rumours of the toll increase is getting to my nerve. Why? More people will probably have to resort to network marketing to make ends meet. That means less chance for me to have coffee with new friends, even perhaps old friends.

In the meantime, let me try to earn an honest living.



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