Entry: Holding hands? December 10, 2006

People look for religion as an escapism. Something to believe in. Something to look forward to, in the afterlife. Once their time here is done. Indeed, humans do not know why we are here in this small little speck in the universe. One thing for sure, the time here is only temporary.

Many religions teach us to do good deeds. To encourage this, each religions promise its faithful that they will be given a place in heaven. Some religion even preach short cuts, if one do this, it will guarantee the person's place in heaven. Even if the person has done many bad things.

But who am I to judge if a person goes to heaven or not. After all, the decision lies with the powers that be. But the thing is with humans, they will always justify their wrongdoings. Humans will always come up with excuses.

One never feel obliged to take responsibily of their actions, with those excuses. Take for instance the recent ruling in the state of Kelantan. If a lady choose to wear a short skirt, so let her do so. It is her right. The reason for the ruling? So as not to arouse the menfolk. For me it is a disgrace for the men. It shows that they could not control their animal instinct when shown a juicy piece of meat. Heck, couples who are dating looking for some privacy can even find themselves ambushed by the morale police.

What's wrong with showing a little affection by holding hands? Even the recent pat on the arm by our PM on Datuk Michelle Yeoh during the Monsoon Cup stirred a lot of controversy. It is just a pat, not a YZ video phone (please refer to the Indonesian politician)! Indeed those people who jumped on the controversy, expecting to gain a few political mileage are now facing the possibility of being tagged as an opportunist. Not to forget someone who is so deprived of love, and affection.

Indeed, I guess many people in Malaysia think that holding hands, hugging, kissing etc will lead to sex. You know what? I guess they are the ones who are deprived. A simple hand holdings, and quickly they will say that those two people holding hands are having sex. That's all they can think of, do this, sex, do that, sex.

I guess we have to reevaluate our perception. Some of us got a really narrowminded view of associating sex with almost everything. I guess that's why the Europeans treat their women better. True, they do have sexual harrasment cases, but at least, they do not have the perverted kinds that we have here in Malaysia. Perverted because they were really deprived....Unfortunately for the victims, they do not really have any rights like their European friends...


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