Entry: The View from My Room December 6, 2006

Well, it is not exactly the room. Since it is late night, and there is no one using the Meeting Room, I took over the room and declared it to be my room for the night. Yes, i am still in the office even though the time now is 11:00 pm. And I can see the PETRONAS Twin Towers from my window.

And shining above it, the full moon.

Sometimes we just forget how beautiful Kuala Lumpur can be. But despite KL having the PETRONAS Twin Towers, one must not forget that we do have the slum areas, the run down areas, the forgotten areas.

My office is not in the more fashionable office area of KLCC. Indeed many multinational companies choose to set up its office in KLCC. Or somewhere near it. Hence, I get to see the other part of KL, that I did not get to see when I was in the previous company.

The rundown Masjid Jamek station. With the frequent Putra LRT breakdowns. You just know when the LRT is having some problems when you are at Masjid Jamek. Walking towards Masjid Jamek and you see the shutters down, and you will sigh as you know it will be a loooong day (or night) ahead.

And people selling by the sidewalk. Things like pirated VCDs, umbrellas, medicines, food. And the mad rush they make when they see the DBKL people coming to them. And of course, the beggars. Indeed here, you get to hear, feel and even smell the other part of KL. I pity those who use public transport, because you get to feel the elements, rain, shine, and the smell. Indeed body odour is prevalent on our public transports, not helped by the weather. Sides, not all of us could afford to drive to work. I myself hate driving to work, unless if I come in after 9... and of course if that happens, I go home after 8 pm....Thank god my hours are flexy. But parking would be a nightmare....

Indeed, this is the other side of Kuala Lumpur. And you get to see many interesting things near Masjid Jamek. It's near to Masjid India. Excellent Indian vegetarian food. Further up the road, there's this Capital Cafe (not to be mistaken for Coliseum Cafe) with it's excellent Nasi Padang. And how about Pan Mee, even further up the road? Indeed, there are many food haven around this area.

Sogo too is nearby. And to think that Sogo was once the place to be. Well, before KLCC came. And if you want to get clothing materials, don't look anywhere, just go to this area. Wisma Yakin, Semua House, and the areas surrounding it. Full of it. I even visited Chotirmall, the last time I've been there was like 12 years ago. To get winter clothing just before I left for UK. And Pertama Complex, the place to get many many stuff. I know some photography enthusiasts, those looking for badminton stuff, and of course, those looking for handphones go to Pertama Complex.

This is the other part of Kuala Lumpur that I have long forgotten.


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