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December 4, 2006
What is Love?

What is love?

Is it a show of affection of a man and a woman, declaring their undying love to each other?

Only to be be broken when either one, or both parties discover someone new, but that's a totally different matter.

Not to forget a love of a man to another man or a woman to another woman.

Or is it an unconditional loyalty towards another person. Unconditional love of parents to their child, children to parents, grandparents to their grandchildren, grandchildren to grandparents. Not to forget about sibling love.

How about love in friendship?

All these types of love (except one) are present in the latest Malaysian movie to hit the screen. Cinta. And I am recommending you (yes, you the one who is reading this) to watch it. At one glance, it seems that they copied Love, Actually. But they did not. Of course you can't expect to have some sex scenes in the Cinta. Then it would have gotten a totally different rating.

Cinta is about, loving someone in your golden years. Cinta is about falling in love when you least expect it. Cinta is about letting go of your love when it is not returned. Cinta is about caring for someone you love.

Cinta is a definite must watch movie.

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December 3, 2006
The Day The Dream Died...

Here I am, in front of my laptop. Reviewing on my Career Development Program, unable to continue, because I am not sure what I want in the company.

By the way, I left my high profile job in my previous company and joined an European firm based in Kuala Lumpur as a consultant. Many asked me why I left my previous company. But what I do does not affect their life....

However recent events do affect our life.

I was raised in an all boys Secondary School in PJ. Met an ex teacher of mine who was recently retired, and it reminded me of life back in the 90s. And yes, I do feel old. But how different it is compared to now?

The funny thing is, when I was growing up, race was never an issue. Especially in my school. True, they have a quota for the number of Malays in the Science 1 class, but that never really affected the others. In fact, it never bothers me or the rest of my classmates. Bottom line is, race does not matter.

Fast forward to today, and we see how life is so different compared to my time in school. I am still in touch of my old schoolmates, regardless if he is a Malay, Chinese or Indian. But, the way things are, you wonder what is wrong with Malaysia. Perhaps it is the fault of the single race schools that did not allow us to integrate the way it should be?

Or UMNOputeras brandishing their Malay rights and Malay supremacy and telling others that this country is theirs. Not to say that all Malays are racist, but I am sure the same goes to the other races. And that's why I said the dream died. It died with the end of Tunku's Premiership, and when Tun Abdul Razak replaced him.

The Malaysian Dream died. A truly Malaysia, destroyed by Tun Abdul Razak, and further propagated by Tun Mahathir and drowned by the current PM, Pak Lah. The media could say that Pak Lah's speech at the end of the UMNO General Assembly shows that Pak Lah is the people's PM, but, the feeling of the UMNO grassroots betrays it. And we wonder if the same apply for the other racially based party in the BN coalition.

All these while we wonder what had happened. They say that the NEP is still needed for the Malays, but when you are at PWTC during the UMNO General Assembly, you can see the latest Merc, Beemers and Porsches. Indeed the NEP is still needed, but the advantage is not for the Malays, but the UMNOPuteras.

The Government could not afford to pay for the subsidies, but here we are paying millions to put a Malaysian in space and building a new istana for the Agong. Like, what the? I am all for the less subsidies for the fuel... after all, the reason why we have such a huge fuel bill is because of the rampant smuggling to Thai and Philiphines...

A nation of 25 million consuming 600,000 bpd of oil....and I though the Americans were thirsty for oil...

Indeed things are not looking good in Malaysia right now. And even Tun is trying hard to repair the damage he has done. But Tun, last time you messed up a lot of people, and now once you are out of the system, you have seen your follies, but you are now unable to right what's wrong.

Perhaps the dream has yet to die, but it is certainly dying. The moment Tunku Abdul Rahman stepped down from his Premiership....


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November 6, 2005
It's Been A While

I reread my past entries.... things have changed.... but, I am still around... wishing everyone, Selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin...

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July 30, 2005
Enough Already!

This past one week was nothing but the Tun Mahathir vs Rafidah Aziz battle. Not a day passes by without some kind of comments from Tun and Rafidah. All has been revealed or supposedly all, but well, Tun did mention that he will reveal more, when the time is right.

Nothing against Tun, but this is getting tiring. But I guess he wants to clear his names. What with the mention of his son as one of the recipients for AP. As I read through the news, one could not help noticing that Tun is unhappy because of the APs, Proton's market share dropped.

To understand this whole issue, we have to go back to 1985. That was when Proton was first launched. It was an affordable car for most Malaysians. The price back then was around RM 20,000, making it the most affordable car. It's nearest contender, a Toyota Corolla was only a few thousand ringgit dearer. And I think the Nissan Sunny is still cheaper than a Corolla and was the most popular car at that time. But still, out of patriotism, and nationalistic spirit, Malaysians flocked the showrooms for their Protons. They drove home with their own national car, the Proton Saga, eventhough it was a redesigned Mitsubishi Tredia.

But as Proton matures, other makes car prices slowly went up. No thanks to the taxes that were implemented to protect the baby. And so did Proton, slowly its price went up. And as of today, the new rebadged Proton Saga is called the Iswara, and it cost about RM 35,000. A 75 percent increase. One can claim inflation, copyright costs, etc, but here's a thought. Cars in Japan generally cost nearly the same today as it were 10 years ago, but now, they come with extras like GPS, airbags, and everything (minus the kitchen sink of course!). And Tun did mention how come some imported cars were declared to cost only RM 15,000. Somehow I can believe that. I saw a Hyundai Sonata selling for Korean Won 20 million, which is roughly RM 76,000. The total cost of actually producing the Sonata could only be RM 50,000, after considering the promotion and other incidental costs.

But that's the thing about Korean and Japanese. They are proud of their own makes. Well, okay, Koreans may be, but not Japanese. But a majority of Koreans prefer to drive Korean cars, and a majority of Japanese prefer to drive Japanese cars. Do Malaysians have the same passion like the Japanese or Koreans?

Most Malaysians have no choice but to buy Proton. Those who can't really afford it will go for Perodua. And those who can't afford Proton are the lucky ones. Generally, Perodua cars are better than Protons. But that is another sad story of Proton. As it matures, its quality drops. The original Proton Saga is still the better Proton. Forget about the Wira, Waja, or Gen 2. You can see how many Proton drivers have to open their doors instead rolling down their window in order to get their ticket or pay the toll at the toll. Ask any Proton owners, the polite ones will quietly mention a few but would say it does not bother them. The loud ones, well, so far, all the complaints, well, you are just wasting your saliva. And how can one be patriotic on driving a problematic car? And I suspect that we build toll roads so that the windows in Proton cars get faulty faster.

I smirked when Tun mentioned that Tengku Mahaleel did a good job in steering Proton. During Mahaleel's time, Proton is so cash rich that it could build it's factory at Tg Malim on it's own money. Money that Proton made that could have been used to improve it's quality. However, is Mahaleel truly a good CEO when Proton's sales plummeted? A few years ago, Proton commands almost 70 percent of the market share, but now it's share is about 40 percent. At least, Proton came up with new design, but, now, it suffers from a bad image, and Malaysians, if they can afford it, they want to stay clear from Proton. No wonder Mahaleel complained about the Government's policy on foreign cars, because by allowing cheap cars in, they are denying him from exceeding expectations in his performance appraisal.

As his baby, I understand that Tun wants his Proton to be succesful. One need to look around the world, the realitiy to see that there is no such thing as a national car. The British tried to assist their ailing car industry. Alas they found out only by letting the strong survive is the only way that a car company can succeed. Life sucks, and even outside of biology, Darwin's theory of evolution even applies in the corporate world.

But even now, the diversion into AP has actually made many of us lose the big picture, and it is about Proton. It has always been about Proton, mired in the mists of AP scandals. Clever diversion. Just like what Tun did on the Anwar case.

What can we do about Proton? One thing for sure, it suffers from a very bad quality image. And second, the Malaysian market is not big enough for Proton to compete globally. But I guess, I'll continue about it at another time......

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July 24, 2005
Back From A Drive

My friends canceled our reunion plans this evening. I was all geared up to meet the rest of the gang over coffee, but alas, it was not to be. Two of my appointments today were either canceled, or, slightly postponed. Since I was all out to actually go out, I did, and went for a drive. First I reached Federal Highway, then decided to drive on, and ended up in Gombak. Hmm, could have gone all the way to Genting, but, I took the wrong turning. :)

As I was driving around alone, I kinda missed this kind of personal time. Something that I have not had for ages. And today, I had the time to reflect back on the past.

One thing for sure, the drive reminded me of my night driving with my other buddies. One, has left, forever. And the other two, well, we grew apart. I made a mental note that we should meet up again. Well, it was supposed to happen a few months back. But I was away, so I could not join them.

And one more i noticed, some roads, well, it was different from the last time I used them.

I guess the only thing constant is change.........

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July 18, 2005
The Half Blood Prince

Finished reading the sixth Harry Potter installmenet over the weekend. Twice!

I would say I was among the first to get the book at MPH. There was not even a queue. There was a crowd gathering at the front entrance of the shopping centre. Took us a while to figure out that we should have entered from the car park's entrance. Most of them actually ran to the car park entrance. I walked.

Found the car park entrance, and you need to take a lift to go into the shopping centre. I did not, and choose to use the stairs. I reached MPH, there was no queue, so I just took one copy and paid the cashier. At the same time, one fellow ran in, out of breath, obviously ran all the way from the lift. I chuckled to myself...

Some people, are so lazy to take the stairs.... heheeh

Anyway, I went home, and took my favourite spot, and read the book. And as usual, I have to run some errands while reading it, totally spoiling my mood......

When I finished reading it on Saturday night, I felt, well, unlike other Harry Potter books, it seems the bad guys win for once. Well, even Revenge of the Sith, the bad guys won. And now I have one burning question.

Who is R.A.B.? And I am currently assuming that is is Regulus Black.

Why is this question important? Well, go and read the book to find out.

And yes, I feel like torturing the Half Blood Prince to death....

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July 8, 2005
I Had To Write This...

I was in the office when I saw the news on BBC. It was about 5 pm when there was a breaking news with the story of blasts crippling the London underground. I was concerned, but from the initial news, it seems like unexplained power surge caused it.

I thought nothing of it, until I got home. All the Malaysian terrestial channels were full of the London bombs. Okay, that triggers an alarm. I got slightly concerned, and it became obvious, the earlier report that mentioned of power surge was untrue, and there was a possibility of a planned terrorists attack.

When I heard that a bus blew up at Tavistock Square, with the pictures of the surrounding areas on telly, I knew I had to call up some people. Just to make sure that they are okay. But of course, the last time in Sept 11 2001, the phone lines were jammed. Thankfully my sms got through, especially my normally busy YM and IM was void of anyone who are based in London.....

Is it terrorist? But if you ask me, the timing is just way too fishy...

And I would say that the G8 summit might not meet it's objectives, especially on the poor and climate change......

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July 1, 2005
Pergi Untuk Kembali

No matter where I go in Jakarta, I kept on hearing people listening / singing / playing this song.

Sung by Ello...

Walaupun langit pada malam itu
Bermandikan cahaya bintang
Bulan pun bersinar
Betapa indahnya
Namun menambah kepedihan…ooh…

Ku akan pergi meninggalkan dirimu
Menyusuri liku hidupku
Janganlah kau bimbang dan janganlah kau ragu
Berikanlah senyuman padaku…

Selamat tinggal kasih sampai kita jumpa lagi
Aku pergi…
Takkan lama..
Hanya sekejap saja ku akan kembali lagi
Asalkan engkau tetap menanti

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June 16, 2005
Goodness Gracious Me!

Man, I've been away from this blog for so long. Let just say that I have been busy with work. Once again, I found myself in another foreign country, and yes, the majority of them can't speak English. Got back, and I had more work.

The thing is, I should be able to relax after this week. But, I've been informed of another additional assignment in August. There goes my plan to have a trip to an offshore platform in August, and of course, less time for me to relax in July. What more with HP is out in 30 days...

*Sigh* Can't really enjoy life....

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April 27, 2005
"Thank God You Don't Drive a Proton"

That's what the tow truck driver told me.

I got into a little accident last night. It was my fault. I was driving too fast, and my car rode on the water, and I could not control the car. There was a car behind me, and I got two options.

1. To let the car glide, and have no choice but to slam into the divider
2. To turn the steering wheel in panic, and risk hitting the car behind me.

I choose the first option. Managed to glide the car, and it slammed, really hard on the divider. I managed to nurse the car to the sideroad, and inspected the damage. No damage on the bodywork, front rim, badly damaged. Not good. Went back in the car, and started driving, and it made noise. Decided, the best option is to park the car somewhere and leave it for the night. Decided to nurse the car to my sis' house.

Today, I went back to my sis house, and inspected the car again. Bad. The tyre was touching the chassis or whatever you called it. The underarm of the tyre is definitely bent. And the bumper, well, it is intact. Luckily. When the tow truck driver came, he mentioned, if this was a Proton, you got the same damage, but many other parts inside will also be affected. And even the cabin.

Well, I always wanted to do recond my car, but looks like, it decided to recond now instead of later.

What I learnt. When you gonna have an accident, try to avoid hitting other people / car / vehicles. The insurance claim is a pain in the ass. Next, buy a well built car. Third, always thank God for the blessings He showers upon you. And always look at the bright side of life.

And oh yeah, always try to keep a cool head, even when panicking.

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